Slovensko društvo Sydney 2020
New Committe


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Press Release
23.March 2020


These are challenging times for all of us. The world is at a crisis point.
The Slovene Association Sydney (Slovensko Društvo Sydney) has had its own challenges over a period of time. It is also at a crisis point. Falling attendance numbers, aging membership, the protracted development of ‘Manor on Elizabeth’ ( lessee of the newly constructed building) have all caused, what appear to be, worrying trends.  

Regardless of the efforts of previous committees under the leadership of      Mr. Štefan Šernek, the path to the future of SDS is very uncertain. Decisions were made 8 years ago, that may not have been in the interest of our members and community. For 8 years, the club has struggled with the repercussions of contractual agreements that may have been ill advised and not in the interest of SDS.

It was for this reason that the committee, in particular the President and Secretary of SDS, approached Mr. Anthony Tomažin (Current Honorary Consul) and Mr. Alfred Brežnik (The former Honorary Consul General) for advice and assistance on the 15th March. All agreed that this Slovenian Association Sydney, which was in fact the first registered Slovenian Association in Sydney, was in a precarious position and urgent assistance was needed.

A meeting of the existing committee of SDS, was called for the following Sunday, 22nd March. At this meeting, 5 new members were appointed to the committee. Mr. Šernek made clear at this meeting that he was finding it difficult to continue in the role of President. He and his wife, Ana, have had to travel long distances to Horsely Park and on a regular basis. He wanted to relinquish his Presidency. Therefore, there was a spill motion for all Officer positions in the committee and new executive appointments made.


The new committee of the Slovene Association Sydney is made up of:


President:  Mr. Anthony Tomažin

Vice President: Mr. Jože Lah
Treasurer: Mr. Mark Stariha
Secretary: Mrs. Olga Lah
Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Lynn Pušenjak

These five Officers and the remaining committee members, were joined by Mr. Alfred Brežnik.  All are committed to working towards a positive outcome for all members.
The new committee immediately adopted these new changes:

As of the 22nd March, 2020, The Slovene Association premises will be closed until further notice. The committee’s decision pre-empted the Government’s decision to close all clubs due to the Coronavirus emergency.

A new Accountant for the club will be appointed. A full stocktake will be conducted. An assessment of total assets/ value of property undertaken.

A new Lawyer will be appointed. This lawyer will research and evaluate all contractual agreements and report on the impact to our club. He will advise the committee on future action.

Dear fellow Slovenians…..although our community and membership of clubs is aging…. Although the world and indeed Australia, appears to be challenged by change….
One thing is constant: We are proud Slovenians, who love the Slovenian culture and want to promote its many aspects. Through many decades of hard work, we’ve learnt that cooperation and goodwill are the keys to a brighter future for the whole of our Slovenian community.  Let’s rally together!